Information Risk Management in medical networks

More and more medical devices are connected to the IT network of the hospital and have interfaces to other information systems. The reason for this is the rapid development of all information technology - and the associated desire for faster transmission for receiving, sending patient data and monitoring the devices themselves. Because of this high responsibility of the network operator in healthcare facilities with medical devices it is necessary to operate structured and professional IT risk management and medical risk management. The standards IEC 80001-1 and ISO 27001 underline the need for this in this context.

With the CRISAM® ISMS Knowledge Pack in combination with the CRISAM® ISO 80001 Knowledge Pack, it is possible for providers of medical services (hospitals, providers of healthcare services, ...), in addition to ISO 27001, to check the requirements and compliance with the standard 80001-1 .

The modules from both knowledge packs are equipped with control questions on network-relevant topics as well as special topics on risk management in medical networks. By answering the control objectives, you can easily and clearly identify current vulnerabilities. With targeted measures, the identified organizational and technical deviations can be eliminated in order to pass a possible certification.

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