Enterprise Risk Management

Risk management for the entire company is particularly important in times of uncertainty, but also in a period of growth. We understand risk as a departure from planning. Together with you, we develop all the risk factors that are relevant for your company, based on the planning and the cost drivers of your company.

In workshops the opportunities and risks are identified through professional interviews with the risk owners and quantified within their scope.

CRISAM® aggregates the quantified opportunities and risks in the overall context of the company. Through a software-supported analysis of possible scenarios, the following questions and tasks can be reliably answered:

  • How likely will the planned profit be achieved?
  • What is the value at risk (VaR)?
  • What is the ratio of the profit to the risk taken (RoRaC)?
  • How do performance indicators change as a result of the impact of opportunities and risks (RaRoC, risk adjusted P & L, EBIT and EGT)?
  • Which risks have the greatest influence on the overall risk?
  • Cost / benefit ratio of measures?

Because only when the relevant opportunities and risks are known and quantified the company can be steered in the right direction.

Further information on CRISAM® can be found at www.crisam.net.