Certification and expertise

For a variety of economic, legal and competitive reasons, companies are encouraged and sometimes obliged to operate the best possible business-oriented IT. At the same time, a utterly "perfect" IT operation can miss the goal of a coordinated IT, as a negative - far away from current standards.

An IT appraisal by an expert helps you to clarify the current state of the IT environment of your company. It enables a risk assessment and creates the basis for making the right decisions. Matching corporate IT to company needs in the best way means more than keeping IT systems and infrastructures "alive".

Compliance with recognized standards and best practices certifies proper IT operations. Be it:

  • To provide your own IT systems and infrastructures to the company in accordance with the ISO 27001 information security guidelines,
  • to integrate medical devices in a medical environment compliant with ISO 80001 into IT networks,
  • to operate the IT operations compliant to the required IT controls, which is confirmed by an ISAE 3402 report or
  • to certify the data center in accordance with EIA / TIA 942A or EN 50600.

Calpana business consulting gmbh is your trusted auditor in information security and risk management. Together with our partners from ISO 27001 Management Consulting we have outlined a possible procedure for the start of your ISO 27001 certification.

If you require a report with a public document, Dr. Stallinger as a civil engineer and generally sworn and certified expert is gladly available for an expert's report, revision or audits.